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Mon-Fri 8.00 AM-6:00 PM

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Jamesburg NJ 08831


Without yearly furnace maintenance, your heater will struggle to keep up with your heating needs. Comfort, reliability, and efficiency are all made possible with a solid maintenance routine. 

While cleaning may sound like an easy enough DIY task, it’s important that furnace cleaning is handled by a professional. 


Just like your car, your furnace benefits from routine tune-ups to keep it working reliably and safeguard it from wear and tear. But despite this similarity, the mechanics of your furnace are very different from your car. That’s why a furnace technician will run through a checklist uniquely suited for your heating system. In fact, our technicians use checklists specific to your brand, make, and model, so you can feel confident your unit is receiving the best possible service.

During the in-home maintenance appointment, a certified furnace technician will inspect, clean, and calibrate the furnace. By cleaning out the gunk and calibrating the thermostat, you can look forward to better performance, efficiency, and reliability all winter long.



Keeping your home warm during the cold months generates a surprising amount of dust and debris. Dirty components are a major contributor to reduced performance and energy efficiency. That’s because dust can cause the system to overheat and work harder to push air through your ducts. During the tune-up, we’ll clean the fan blade, blower, flame sensor rod, and drain line.

While cleaning may sound like an easy enough DIY task, it’s important that furnace cleaning is handled by a professional. Many components inside your furnace, especially the coil, are delicate and can easily be damaged during the cleaning process. Using expert techniques and equipment, we’ll clean the system and leave its components completely intact.



We use state-of-the-art equipment to inspect your heater’s electrical system and mechanical components. Using a meter, our technicians will measure the voltage and amp draw on the motors. We also look for signs of damage to the heat exchanger, blower wheel, condensate tubing, flue draft, venting, and pressure switches. If we notice any components that look damaged, we’ll let you know right away so they can be replaced before the problem becomes serious. Finally, we’ll inspect the electrical connections and tighten any loose connections we find.



Your furnace is constantly consuming, creating, and releasing gasses. We’ll test the system to ensure it’s venting correctly and hasn’t developed any dangerous leaks or fumes. Carbon monoxide is a serious hazard to your health, and faulty furnaces have been known to release it. Most furnaces also operate on natural gas, which, when released, can lead to fires and explosions. We’ll test the entire system, from the gas pressure to the safety controls and igniter, to make sure it’s all in safe working condition.



Your furnace contains a multitude of moving parts. As the parts run throughout the year, they dry out and can become damaged. If the motor components are looking dried out, we’ll apply a special lubricant that should last several years.



It’s common for components to get jostled or shifted out of position by your furnace’s daily operation. A trained eye can quickly recognize when components need adjustments. And although the adjustments themselves are relatively minor, they can have a huge impact on your heater’s performance and energy efficiency.



From lower heating bills to peace of mind, there are many excellent reasons to consider furnace maintenance. For the best furnace tune-ups, homeowners turn to Air Management. The pros here at Air Management want to help you avoid furnace emergencies and the pricey repairs and replacements that they lead to.

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